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Hammerhead Games is the culmination of two dreams coming together as one. Hammerhead Games began as a garage side-hustle, later growing into a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs. Elysium had started as a small store focused on providing a space for all to play, building a community of both the entrenched players and newcomers of all walks of life.

Now recently merged, the latest iteration of Hammerhead Games is a shop dedicated to providing first-rate manufactured gaming products, exceptional customer service to gamers around the world, and a space for everyone to play and enjoy the gaming experience. We offer products ranging from Magic: The Gathering to Pokémon TCG to Warhammer 40k, as well as accessories and custom products of a wide variety. Our online store, The Shark Tank, has become synonymous with quality and now we are extending that into our next venture of a brick and mortar store. 

Check it out and start shopping today!

Come play at Hammerhead Games, where everyone is welcome at the table!

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