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4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 706
Sacramento, California 95841, US
+1 916-716-0053

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Thursday 10 am - 8 pm
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Hammerhead Games is a gaming company dedicated to providing first-rate manufactured gaming products and exceptional customer service to gamers around the world. We offer laser cut tokens, templates, gaming aids, carrying trays, and terrain for use in table top games such as Warhammer 40k. The heart and soul of our business is providing individuals and retailers with our one of a kind products.

What began as a garage side-hustle has now transformed into a one stop shop for all your gaming needs. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and now we are extending that into our next venture of a brick and mortar store. 

We are happy to announce the opening of our retail store The Shark Tank which now carries Games Workshop items as well as a host of hobby supplies such as paint, glue, brushes and much much more!


Check it out and start shopping today!

Happy Gaming!